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Let’s make your website speed optimized so you don’t have to loose out potential customers.

Why is Speed Optimization Important?

Your website speed plays an important role in many factors like visitor ease-of-ese, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and conversion. I strongly believe every website should do something to help its loading time, no matter how small.

A slow, unoptimized website isn’t good for anyone involved. When a website is slow, visitors get annoyed and impatient while having to wait for the website to load. This slow speed either leaves a bad impression – or no impression at all because the user has already left and forgotten your website resulting in a loss in conversions. 

Positively, a faster website improves SEO which means your website will be seen further up in the Google search results resulting in more traffic for your Toronto business. One question remains – how slow is your website?

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How We'll Speed Up Your Website

Speedup Your Website

Image Compression

Compressing images to saves as many kilobytes as possible, increasing image load times on your website.

Minifying CSS & JS

Reducing the size of your website’s code files by compressing them reducing the filesize of them making them load faster.

Loading JS Asynchronously

Loading your functional JS files at the same time as other files, to bypass the file loading queue.

Disable Unnecessary Assets

Disabling unnecessary files that being loaded across your site to reduce the amount files being loaded, speeding up your website.

Image Resizing

Optimize the intrinsic size of images to only have the quality necessary without it looking blurry to reduce the image file sizes.

Simplifying Pages

Reduce unnecessary page elements that provide little user value for the network weight of files they require to speed up your website.
Load Time Troubles

Why is your website slow?

When your site is slow, there’s always a reason why. Sometimes it’s one big issue that’s causing all the problems, but most likely it’s a bunch of little things that haven’t had enough attention that’s causing your issues.

Don't Let Cheap Hosting Slow Down Your Online Success

Launching your website shouldn’t mean sacrificing performance for affordability. While buying a domain and hosting are crucial, skimping on quality can cripple your online presence. Many opt for budget-friendly options like GoDaddy or BlueHost, unaware they’re entering the world of “shared hosting.” Imagine squeezing onto a crowded bus – your website competes for server resources with countless others, impacting speed and user experience.

Invest in dedicated hosting to unleash your website’s true power. Picture having your own private server, devoted solely to serving your business. This translates to lightning-fast loading times, a critical factor for both user engagement and search engine ranking. Remember, in the digital landscape, speed is king.

Avoid Plugin Overload for Optimal Speed

Launching your website is exciting, and it’s tempting to load it with fancy features via plugins, especially with WordPress’ ease of use. But wait! Before you go plugin-crazy, consider their impact on speed. As a website developer for businesses, We prioritize creating efficient websites, often minimizing plugin use for optimal performance and maintainability.

Here’s the truth: While 25 security plugins might seem like Fort Knox, they can slow your website down dramatically. In reality, multiple plugins often offer redundant functionalities, and their combined weight hinders your site’s speed. This, in turn, hurts user experience and search engine ranking – both crucial for your business’s online success.


Ditch Slow Themes, Embrace Speed!

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your Chattanooga website? Beware of feature-loaded “multi-purpose” themes! While tempting, their built-in complexity often cripples website speed, impacting user experience and search engine ranking – both crucial for your Chattanooga business success.

As a firm believer in website speed, I meticulously evaluate themes using speed audit tools before recommending them to my Chattanooga clients. Our motto: fast equals happy, for users and search engines alike.

How much will it cost?

A typical website takes around 1-6 hours to speed optimize. Additional time can be expected depending on how many pages the website has and how complex the website is.

At our hourly rate ($100 USD an hour), you can expect it to be around $100-$600 USD.

After your website has been speed optimized we can suggest case-specific ways to improve your website speed further to go the extra mile!


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